What Do Animals Eat – And What Should They Eat?

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Discover Different Types of Animals And Their Diet

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So What do Animals Eat?

Just like humans, all animals also need food to survive. Also just like humans, what they eat can be very different. Some eat other animals, some eat plants, and some eat both.

What an animal eats will also place them into one of three groups.

  • Herbivorous animals
  • Carnivorous animals
  • Omnivorous animals

Herbivorous Animals

If we call an animal a herbivorous animal, this means that they only eat plants. This can be grass, or tree branches or other vegetation. Cows, deers, and giraffes are all examples of herbivorous animals.

Carnivorous animals

If an animal goes into the carnivorous group, this means that they only eat meat from other animals. Lions and tigers are prime examples of carnivorous animals.

Omnivorous animals

Omnivorous animals eat both plants and meats. This is just what humans can do as well. Examples of animals in this category would be bears and dogs.

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