Can bearded dragons eat Green beans?

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Does Beardie Have The Green Light For Green Beans?

It doesn’t matter if it is raw, roasted, cooked, sauteed, or steamed, it’s difficult to beat the crunch and juiciness of green beans.  Green beans are packed with nutrients and flavor.

But can bearded dragons eat green beans? 

Yes, bearded dragons can eat green beans. But they need to be prepared correctly, or else they can actually be quite dangerous to feed. 

So read on and we’ll share how you can give your beardie some safe, crunchy treats!

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Beans?

Yes, bearded dragons do have the “green for go” when it comes to eating green beans.  As far as nutrients go, green beans hit it out of the park.  Green Beans contain an excellent variety of nutrients and vitamins that are needed in your bearded dragon’s diet to stay healthy.

  • Vitamins K, A, and C:  great for your bearded dragon’s immunity, blood, and vision.
  • Iron:  important for blood flow
  • Fiber:  enhances digestion
  • Folic Acid:  promotes healthy tissue, and cells
  • Calcium:  this is one of the most important minerals for bearded dragons.  It strengthens their bones, muscles, and tissue.
  • Magnesium:  important for brain and muscle development.
  • Potassium:  Helps your beardie retain water and assist to keep a healthy blood pressure and nervous system.

Green beans even contain a little protein and sugar giving your beardie an energy boost.  The calcium to phosphorus ratio is 1:1 in raw beans.  This is healthy and means that your bearded pet dragon won’t have excess phosphorus in its body.

Green beans are not a daily staple for your bearded dragon because it has a moderate amount of oxfolates which can interfere with calcium absorption.  It is therefore important to serve your beardie calcium-rich vegetables, such as papaya, figs, dark leafy greens, and acorn squash.

Nutritional Value Of Green Beans

Water – 90g

Protein – 1.8g

Sugar – 3.3g

Energy – 31kcal

Calcium – 37mg

Phosphorus – 38mg

Vitamin C – 12mg

Vitamin A – 35ug

Ca:P ratio – 1.1

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cooked, Canned, or Frozen Green


Now that you know that your beardie can eat green beans almost daily, you might wonder what kind of green beans they can eat. 

Cooked Green Beans  

Make sure that there are no added preservatives before you feed green beans to your bearded little friend. A slight amount of oil, fats, butter, or seasoning can make your beardie sick.  It won’t harm your bearded dragon to eat cooked beans but it is better to keep it to a minimum.

Canned Green Beans  

Can bearded dragons have canned green beans? That’s a question often asked.

In general canned foods contain added ingredients and preservatives to lengthen their storage life.  This includes canned beans which are not good for your pet bearded dragon. Canned green beans are very low in nutritional value and it is recommended to avoid giving your bearded dragon any kind of canned vegetables.  

Frozen Green Beans  

Fresh vegetables are the best to give to bearded dragons.  Frozen green beans are safe and good food for your bearded dragon provided there are no added ingredients.  Consider buying organic frozen vegetables to avoid contamination by pesticides.  When you serve the frozen beans, make sure that it is at room temperature.  You must however remember that any frozen vegetables are low nutritional foods.

Preparing raw green beans for your beardie doesn’t take much time.  Ensure to buy green beans that are fresh and raw.  If possible, buy organic green beans because it is the safest option.  Wash the beans thoroughly to get rid of any pesticides, chemicals, or dirt.

Now you can proceed to chop the beans with the size not exceeding the space between your beardie’s eyes.  This will prevent your little bearded friend from choking.  Mix the raw green beans in a bowl with other vegetables and fruits.  

Your little pet can now enjoy a scrumptious meal.  Make sure to remove all the food that remains after your beardie gets full.

To Conclude

Green beans are one of the safest vegetables to feed your bearded dragon.  

Bearded dragons can eat green beans as long as they are free from any fertilizer residue or pesticides and are chopped into small manageable pieces.  Canned or frozen green beans that are kept in preservatives and have not been thawed on the other hand are not safe and should not be offered to your bearded dragon.

Bearded dragons are ideal pets to have around and once you’ve got the nutritional balance and housing correct they will be happy little pets and will provide great companionship and humor to you. 

So if you have them on your lap, and you’re munching on some green beans, feel free to share them!

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