Can bearded dragons eat carrots?

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Rich in vitamin A, Carrots, rich in vitamin A,  can boost the vision and immune system of your bearded dragon. Readily available, carrots are cheap – making them ideal for feeding bearded dragons. But can bearded dragons eat carrots?  How often should they feed on carrots? Do carrots have any side effects?

Carrots are good for bearded dragons, but not on a daily basis. Feeding your bearded dragons vitamin A-rich foods (such as carrots) can lead to Vitamin A toxicity if done in excess. 

Benefits Of Feeding Bearded Dragons with Carrots

The diet of an adult and baby bearded dragon should contain 80 percent plants and 20 percent insects. 

Packed with several nutritional properties, carrots can benefit your beardies. Common benefits include:

  • Enhanced Digestion—High in fiber, carrots will aid the digestion system of bearded dragons. Still more, fiber will help keep the weight of the dragons in check.  Fiber lowers cholesterol levels in bearded dragons.  However much fiber can lead to digestive disruption.
  • Better Vision, Enhanced Immunity – Carrots are high in Vitamin A and Beta-carotene, which promotes vision, boosts immunity and nourishes the skin of your beardies.
  • Healthy Teeth – The low levels of sugar in carrots minimize teeth-related issues in bearded dragons.

Heath Risks Benefits of Feeding Bearded Dragons with Carrots

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Besides health benefits, there are a few concerns about feeding bearded dragons with carrots. They include:

  • Vitamin A Toxicity – Carrots are rich in Vitamin A but too much many cause Vitamin A Toxicity the side effects of which are poor appetite, fatigue, dehydration, and weight loss.
  • Metabolic Bone Disease – Rich in oxalates (also known as oxalic acid), carrots can cause hypercalcemia—a condition associated with insufficient calcium.  Eating a lot of carrots can drain the level of calcium, causing Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) in bearded dragons.
  • Kidney Stones – The ratio of calcium to phosphorous in carrots is low (i.e., 0.6:1). Consequently, the binding of phosphorous to calcium blocks its(calcium) absorption. This causes several health problems, including MBD and kidney stones.
  • Tannins – Carrots are rich in tannins, which bind with proteins—inhibiting their absorption. Moreover, tannins are notorious for interfering with the digestive track’s enzymes, which affects the absorption of iron as well as vitamin B6t.

What Nutrients Are Found in Carrots?

All carrots have a nutritional profile. Carrots contain the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin A – Vitamin A benefits the immune system
  • Beta-carotene – Boosts the eye health
  • Fiber – Strengthens the digestive system (it helps it digest exoskeletons)
  • Calcium – Promotes bone health

Carrot’s Nutritional Value

Readily available, carrots are rich in carotene, fiber, and potassium. They also  contain antioxidants and vitamin K1. 

Proteins0.9 Grams
Sugar4.7  Grams
Fiber2.8 Grams
Fat0.2 Grams
Carbs9.6 Grams

How Often Should I Feed Carrots to My Bearded Dragon?

Feed your carrots to your bearded dragons one to two times a week.  Feeding them carrots every day can cause a myriad of issues, including Vitamin A toxicity and kidney stones.

How To Prepare Carrots for Bearded Dragons?

The following are basic steps for preparing carrots for your beardies:

  • Before serving raw carrots to bearded dragons, be sure to scrub and clean them thoroughly with a vegetable scrub and clean water.
  • Don’t chop or slice the carrots – it can lead to choking. Instead, break your carrots down using a cheese grater.

Instead of serving them along, mix the carrots in a salad.

Are Carrot Tops Safe for Beardies?

Carrot tops come with high amounts of oxalates, which prevent the absorption of calcium into the bloodstream.  Besides MBD, eating too many carrot tops can lead to kidney stones. As much as bearded dragons love eating carrot tops, feed them this vegetable once a month.  

Does The Kind of Carrots You Feed to Your Bearded Dragon Matter?

No. All kinds of carrots carry similar nutritional value. Common nutrients in carrots include Vitamin A and fiber, and Beta-carotene. These nutrients help your bearded dragon grow healthy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Common Kinds Of Carrots Of Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons can eat all kinds of carrots. However, it’s important to understand each kind. Here is a breakdown of different kinds of bearded dragons.

  • Color – Bearded dragons can eat carrots of any color. All carrots come with similar nutritional properties. Thus, it’s safe to feed your dragons with carrots of any color once 1-2 times a week.
  • Raw or Cooked – Both raw and cooked carrots are safe. However, cooking the carrots means losing some nutrients.
  • Baby or Large – According to experts, it’s advisable to feed your bearded dragons with large carrots. However, if you have to feed them with baby carrots, prepare them thoughtfully. In particular, wash them thoroughly to get rid of any harmful preservatives.

Pro Trip: Opt for organic carrots.

How Many Carrots Should You Feed Your Bearded Dragon?

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Feed your bearded dragon a handful of carrots. They should feed on carrots 1-2 times per week.

How Should You Cut Carrots?

A clean cheese grater is used to cut carrots for your bearded dragons. A grater will shred the carrots into small consumable pieces.

Can I Feed Baby Dragons with Carrots?

Any bearded dragon can eat carrots. Carrots offer nutritional value to baby bearded drags. 

Can Beardies Eat Raw Carrots?

Yes. Raw carrots are rich in Vitamins A and other nutrients.  If you want your bearded dragon to stay fit, feed it with raw carrots. Grate raw carrots into manageable pieces. 

Final Thoughts

Carrots are good for bearded dragons.  With powerful nutritional properties, carrots can boost your bearded dragon’s immunity, promote its eye health, and improve its digestive system. However, don’t feed them with carrots daily. It can cause health issues such as kidney stones and Metabolic Bone Disease. Treating your bearded dragons with carrots 1-2 times a week will leave them happier and healthier.

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