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Complete nutritional support in equine nutrition!

The newly formulated Renew Gold allows horse owners to take full advantage of the numerous nutritional benefits of stabilized Rice Bran. 

Renew Gold provides substantial nutritional support for horses of all types and disciplines thanks to its unique blend of stabilized rice bran, CoolStance Coconut Meal, Flax, and Fermented Yeast Culture!  

Product Description

Renew Gold offers the Renew Gold SeniorTM and the Renew GoldTM, which are very efficient feed options for your horses.

Renew Gold SeniorTM is a product that takes the digestibility concerns of older horses into account.

Renew GoldTM allows horse owners to provide their horses with the nutritional advantages of stabilized rice grains in an even more advanced and effective formula.

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The Improved Formulation

What makes the Renew Gold Feed the sought-after choice, especially for senior horses? 

Check out what the feed formula contains to understand why your horse keeps coming back for more.

Cool Stance Coconut Meal

The Cool Stance coconut meal contains easily digestible energy and high-quality proteins. 

These help enhance muscle growth and development. Coconut meal is also low in nonstructural carbs and high in medium-chain fatty acids and soluble fibers (starch).


Flaxseed is another beneficial ingredient in the newly formulated Renew Gold. 

It serves as a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps improve coat issues, increase hoof quality, strengthen the immune system, help with weight gain, and eliminate skin issues. 

Flaxseed is also a source of low-starch digestible energy in the Renew Gold feed.

Calcium Carbonate

This superb equine mineral supplement promotes healthy bone, tooth, and hoof growth and maintenance. 

It is beneficial for horses that require more calcium, horses on heavy cereal diets (cereals can be high in phosphorus), horses that need to balance calcium to phosphorus or calcium to magnesium ratios, or simply for healthy bones, teeth, and hooves.

No Corn

Renew Gold has also created a formula that contains no corn; the formula is 100% active, as colic and founder can be caused by finely milled corn. 

Corn is often broken, steam flaked, or rolled when fed to horses. Horses that are fat, insulin resistant, or prone to laminitis should not be consuming any form of corn. This is often the case with draft horses. 

Also, when replaced with oats volume for volume, it is easy to overfeed.

Microbial And Processed Yeast Cultured

Improved digestion fiber (in structured carbohydrates like hay or pasture) is the principal energy source for the horse’s digestive system. 

This roughage’s breakdown depends on the availability of a healthy population of helpful bacteria in the hindgut. The processed yeast culture aids in the establishment of a healthier environment for beneficial bacteria, resulting in more efficient hay digestion.

Non-GMO Ingredients

Renew Gold Horse Feed is made without any GMO ingredients. It is a fully organic horse feed to help your horse stay in its best shape possible.

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How is Renew Gold Feed Any Better?

Renew Gold is true science that aids in the development of sound horses. 

Renew Gold provides substantial nutritional support for horses of all kinds and applications thanks to its unique blend of three protein and fat sources and other premium quality ingredients. 

Renew Gold can help your overall feeding program go more smoothly by giving valuable “Cooler Energy.” Renew Gold is also calcium and phosphorus balanced, allowing it to be fed with any hay.

How To Use Renew Gold Feed

To incorporate Renew Gold horse feed into your horse’s diet, a few things must be considered. 

First, you want to consider what product you are using and ensure that you are using the right product for the right horse. 

In 30 days, supply accordingly:

(The recommended product for horses under 1 year is the Original Renew Gold.)

Give only 1/2 pound daily

1-3 years – 3/4 lb

For mature horses with a low workload – 1 lb

For mature horses with moderate to high workload – 1-1/2 lbs

For senior horses (15 years+) – 1 lb

What Changed?

You might be wondering, why change a formula that worked so well previously? 

Unlike the previous formula, the new Renew Gold formulation now concentrates on not just a healthy diet for your horse, but also tools to give your horse a better lifestyle. 

The new formulation now contains ingredients that improve the shine of their coat, hooves, hair, and energy levels. The idea behind upgrading the formula was simply a movement to make an already great equine nutrition even better.

The new formula has been carefully put together from the experience of over 1 million bags sold. 

The new formula for horses is made by actual horse owners, with the ability to interact with customers’ needs appropriately. 

The new formula now contains: 

  • Higher protein quality and natural vegetable fats. Additionally, the newly formulated Renew Gold contains higher lysine levels that allow your horse to make good use of the new improvements.
  • This upgrade is an even more concentrated formulation of Renew Gold horse feed that helps your horse properly accommodate all nutrients. 

Overall, the Renew Gold horse feed is very efficient and beneficial for horses.

This has been backed by the many positive reviews of the product and evidence of healthy horses. Proof of this is that 91% of the total customer rating on was a 5-star review.

Renew Gold is a calcium/phosphorus-balanced hay supplement used with grass and alfalfa hay. Only feed as directed. 

Introduce Renew Gold gently, as you would any further adjustment to your horse’s diet. For seven days, gradually increase the daily rate to the full targeted amount. 

Ensure your horse drinks clean water. Store the product in a sealed container. It is ideal for feeding it within its production year. 

You also want to keep the Renew Gold Horse feed away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place.

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