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Cool Stance Copra is a special horse feed with a reduced amount of NSC (Non-structural carbohydrate). It contains a high digestible energy content. 

This horse feed is a natural product made from coconuts that are grown without chemicals.

Check out this detailed review of the Cool Stance Horse Feed.

What Makes Cool Stance the Perfect Feed for Your Horse?

The Cool Stance Copra is a premium quality coconut-based meal. The product is made from the white inner part of coconuts called copra.

This white part of the coconut is dried, baked, and ground to make the Cool Stance horse feed. The objective of the process is to ensure the easy digestibility of the feed product. 

It provides good quality protein, healthy fats, and good fiber, and it is low in NSC. This means that it is low in sugar and starches. 

Low Sugar/ Low Starch Content

Unlike other feeds, it is not going to make your horse hot. It will also not trigger excessive energy to make them high like many other feeds tend to.

If your horse is taking more load or labor, trotting more, jumping more, and doing work that demands that he spends his energy, you want to feed him Cool Stance Horse feed to replenish his muscles. 

The Cool Stance horse feed perfectly complements your horses’ food program.

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Healthy Fats Source

Another reason Cool Stance is a great option is that it is a good source of healthy fats. 

What makes it different from other feeds is that it is high in medium-chain triglycerides. These are simply a unique type of fat because the muscles in the horse’s body can use it readily for energy. 

Since it is a good source of healthy fat, it is great for skin and coat health. If you want a shiny and soft coat, Cool Stance horse feed is a great compliment for a feeding program. 


Cool Stance is a versatile product as it is appropriate for various horses. It is the ideal feed choice to support your horse’s performance and lifestyle. 

You can serve Cool Stance horse feed either wet or dry. But many horse owners like to feed it wet. Feeding it wet increases the ease of passage of the food into the horse’s stomach for easy digestion and the risk of a clog in the throat is avoided. 

Cool Stance horse feed can absorb up to 3 times its weight in water, so it is a really good way to keep your horses hydrated. Add the water and stir until it turns into a delicious and nice-smelling mash. 

Most horses love the taste, so even if you have a picky eater, this is a great product to try with them because the chances are that they will love it. 

Many horses can’t eat hay very well and are not well adapted to high-ground feed, so this is a great feed choice for your horses.

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Benefits of Feeding Horses Cool Stance 

After extensive research on the impact of high starch diets on horse behavior and performance, which is the traditional diet, the solution proposed is the addition of coconut meal and oil to the horse’s diet.

This has been a great success as most horses fall in love with this feed in no time due to its rich and nutritious content. You can feed Cool Stance to any horse, whether breeding, lay-up, or working. 

The oil extraction of this feed is mechanical from wild-harvested coconuts in the South Pacific. 

The heating of the white flesh of the coconut during production to mechanically extract the oil makes it brown. Cool Stance feed does not have any coconut husk or shell because it is 100% white coconut meat.

Check out some of the benefits of feeding your horses Cool Stance Feed.

  • It contains high-density energy from oil and digestible fiber, about 1630 calories/Ibs.
  • It is a low GI (glycemic index) feed containing less than 11% of NSC (Non-Structural Carbohydrates).
  • It is rich in MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) and aids in fast digestion, unlike other polyunsaturated oils from corn, flaxseed, and soy.
  • It lessens the need for hay.
  • It helps to prevent metabolic disorders like colic, laminitis, etc.
  • Provides a balanced and necessary supply of protein and energy.
  • It is made up of saturated coconut oil and is not susceptible to oxidation or rancidity.

Serving Sizes for the Cool Stance Horse Feed

It is important to note that the Cool Stance Horse Feed has different serving sizes for various horse sizes. So when figuring out what is right for your horse, you want to check the bag for the serving sizes.

Horse typeLevel of activityStance Lb per day
FoalsFree choice in a creep feeder
WeanlingsAfter three months of age1.1 – 2.2
BroodmaresFirst 2 trimesters
Last trimester
2.2 – 6.6
Wet maresEarly lactation
Late lactation
6.6 – 8.8
Horses on Layoff or in RecoveryNot in work1.1 – 2.2
Performance horsesLight
6.6 – 8.8

Tips for Feeding Your Horse Cool Stance

  • Ensure that you gradually introduce Cool Stance into your horse’s diet for about ten to fourteen days. If you are not comfortable feeding and giving it alone to your horse, you can mix it with concentrates or grains.
  • Cool Stance can absorb a minimum of three times its weight in water. For instance, you can add three quarts of water into 3 Lbs of Cool Stance. You can leave it soaking for hours without a problem as Cool Stance contains low starch and sugar levels. Hence, you can serve your horse wet or dry Cool Stance, as it prefers.
  • It is necessary to feed your horse Cool Stance in addition to roughage like pasture or hay. Providing this combination helps your horse to get adequate fiber.
  • Ensure that you store Cool Stance in a dry and cool place to preserve it.
  • Feed twice per day.
  • Cool Stance should be fed with a high-quality mineral/vitamin supplement and high-quality grass hay because it is not a complete feed.

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