do wolf spiders eat brown recluse

Do Wolf Spiders Eat Brown Recluse?

Written by: Annemarie Dutton

Have you been wondering if wolf spiders eat brown recluses? If you have, reading this article will provide you with the answer to that question and much more.

Do Wolf Spiders Eat Brown Recluse?

Yes, wolf spiders eat brown recluses. Wolf spiders prey on smaller spider species and those with lesser defense mechanisms in their habitat.

In some cases, wolf spiders also go after other large spiders like black widows, brown recluses, and other poisonous species.

A lot of times, people mistake brown recluses for wolf spiders because they look so much alike. 

Both are small insects of nearly the same size and they also live in the same habitat. 

However, there is a major difference between these two and that is their eyes. While wolf spiders have eight eyes, brown recluses have six. 

Wolf spiders lay ambush for brown recluses and other venomous spiders without being afraid of their dangerous venom, call them the fearless spiders. These spiders also like to prey on baby brown recluses.

However, wolf spiders only chase after brown recluses when there are limited food options.

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What Else Does Wolf Spider Eat?

Wolf spiders are carnivores. They feed on insects such as ants, flies, grasshoppers, worms, beetles, and crickets. Studies have also shown that wolf spiders can eat small toads and frogs. 

However, their diet varies depending on location, climate, and weather. Their varying diet allows them to live in different environments where they can find small invertebrates.

One of their characteristics is that they are very swift runners and have excellent eyesight. Hence, they do not have to build a web to catch their prey. Instead, they chase after their prey and hunt them down just like wolves do hence the name “wolf spider”.

Do Wolf Spiders Eat One Another?

In the spider family, sexual cannibalism where the female spider feed on the male is quite common and the wolf spider family is not an exemption. The female wolf spiders feed on their male counterpart after breeding.

Even so, a recent study recorded quite unusual sexual behavior among the wolf spider species known as Allocosa Brasiliensis. The study shows that the male spiders of Allocosa Brasiliensis are capable of eating their female counterpart.

Is A Wolf Spider More Dangerous Than A Brown Recluse?

Wolf spiders may appear more dangerous than brown recluses but as they say, looks are not everything. Brown recluses are a more dangerous and venomous specie than wolf spiders.

A brown recluse’s bite is painful and poisonous to humans and their prey. It can also damage the skin and kill nerve cells. Meanwhile, although wolf spider’s bite might be painful, it is not poisonous to humans but to their prey.

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Where do Wolf Spiders Live?

Wolf spiders are the most common specie of spiders in the world. They are nocturnal ground hunters and can be found almost everywhere there are insects for them to feed on.

They can be found in wooded areas, open fields, and suburban backyards. During cold weather, wolf spiders seek warmer habitats and can enter homes. 

In homes, they are mostly found in basements, garages, and around windows or doors.

What Are The Predators Of Wolf Spiders?

Like every other spider specie, wolf spiders also have their own predators. They are usually preyed upon by small mammals, amphibians, and spider-eating birds. 

How Do Wolf Spiders Look?

Wolf spiders are either brown or black. Their colors vary based on their habitat since it majorly serves as camouflage for protection. They have light lengthwise stripe markings on their backs. 

These species of spiders have three rows of eyes in sets of four. Their eyes are so prominent, they shine in the light.

They also have very thin long legs. Comparatively, female wolf spiders have bigger bodies than males. 


Wolf spiders are fearless species of spiders. They have a very unique look and hunting style too.

They feed on crawling insects like flies, earthworms, crickets, and ants. Additionally, wolf spiders feed on small frogs and toads but it does not stop there.

They lay ambush for brown recluse spiders and feed on them especially if food options are very limited. Baby brown recluses are an easy target for them as well.

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