can chinchillas eat bananas

Can Chinchillas Eat Bananas?

Written by: Annemarie Dutton

Are you wondering if chinchillas can eat bananas so you can include them in their diet? If you’re, this article is for you.

Can Chinchillas Eat Bananas?

The simple answer is no, chinchillas can’t eat bananas because it is not safe for them. Bananas contain way too much sugar which can be a threat to the gut health of your chinchilla. 

Although bananas contain a moderate amount of vitamins and minerals your chinchilla may need to ward off diseases and boost energy, their high sugar level makes it unhealthy for your pets. 

Generally, chinchillas are not a party to snacks and their nutrition is straightforward. Feeding your chins with hay and chinchilla pellets is the best option to keep alive and healthy.

But if you must introduce a snack to their diet, look out for fruits that are low in sugar. Fruits with lots of sugar should be served in small pieces and occasionally because chinchillas react badly to sugar.

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The Risks of Bananas To Chinchillas

Fruits supply the body (human and animal) with the necessary nutrients needed for different functions. Sometimes when these nutrients are not compatible with a body system, they cause problems instead.

Bananas are tasty and easy-to-prepare fruits that nourish the body. While some animals enjoy this fruit as a perfect treat, chinchillas react differently to it.

Remember at the top, we mentioned that bananas have high sugar content but that’s not all. It contains a lot of calories and fiber that may stir up some health problems if fed carelessly.

Chinchillas are intolerant to sugar and when they eat food that contains too much of it can lead to diabetes.

Diabetes is a health condition where the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone that lets sugar run into the bloodstream.

When the body does not produce adequate insulin you will notice symptoms like fatigue, frequent urge to pass urine, hunger, and thirst. Diabetes can be an underlying health issue for your pet. 

While calories provide the energy your chinchillas need to run around for the day, an excessive intake of them can lead to obesity.

Calcium and phosphorus work together for the growth and health of the bones and teeth of chinchillas of all ages. Unfortunately, bananas are not a good source of these very important nutrients, therefore there is no need to serve them to your chinchillas.

Lastly, bananas contain too much water (75 grams) which can cause diarrhea for chinchillas if eaten excessively. 

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Can Chinchillas Eat Dried Bananas?

The answer remains No. A banana is a banana, whether fresh or dried.

However, there is a little difference which is the water content. While the fresh banana has 75 grams of water in it, the dried one has zero.

Apart from this nothing else changes as the sugar level and other nutrient remains the same. Therefore, making dried bananas a no option for chinchillas.

What Are Chinchillas’ Favorite Food?

Chinchillas have a very sensitive digestive system as such they feed on things that aid their digestion. To keep their digestive system functioning properly and avoid health issues you have to look for the things they like and enjoy the most.

Chinchillas in the wild eat twigs, leaves, stems, hay, grasses, and roots. For your pet, you can feed it with fiber-rich hay (Timothy hay) or hay supplement.

Chinchillas enjoy hay a lot more than they do other additional treats including fruits.


In all, it is safe to say that chinchillas are not to be fed bananas regarding their negative health rewards. Instead, they should maintain the amount of hay and chinchillas pellets they consumed.

Not only do these food options offer the right nutrients they need, but they are also what makes chinchillas what they are. 

Because fruits like bananas are very high in sugar, feeding your chinchillas with them can result in serious health issues like diarrhea or diabetes.

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