can russian tortoises eat celery

Can Russian Tortoises Eat Celery?

Written by: Josiah Shobayo
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Feeding a pet Russian tortoise can be scary for new owners. These pets are the reptile versions of dogs, and their inquisitive nature makes humans always want them. However, their feeding may seem very simple from afar but up  close, their feeding needs greater care than you would think. Now the question is, can Russian tortoises eat celery? 

Russian tortoises are herbivores, but do you think that includes celery as well? Keep reading to find out.  

Can Russian Tortoises Eat Celery?

The simple answer is yes, but not really. This means that Russian tortoises can eat celery, but it is definitely not one of the top things to feed your Russian tortoise. This plant is perfectly safe for Russian tortoises to consume, however, they should be fed moderately. Also, the leaves of the celery plants are more beneficial for your Russian tortoise consumption, but the stalk can be a little too hard.  Both the leaves and stalks of the celery leaf provide your Russian tortoise with fiber. 
Animal Hype advises that it is better to serve your Russian tortoise celery alongside other leafy greens. That way they get to enjoy the numerous nutrients that all these combinations will provide.

How Often Should You Feed Your Russian Tortoise Celery?

Feeding celery occasionally can be beneficial to them, because it provides them with fiber which is essential for their growth and development. However, regularly feeding your Russian tortoise celery can be harmful to their health, especially if it’s not mixed with other leafy greens. 

Also, when you feed your Russian tortoise celery remember to feed them moderately and also limit the quantity you feed them as well.

Is Celery Safe For Your Russian Tortoise?

Russian tortoises are herbivores by nature therefore, their diet is mostly made up of vegetables and fruits. This means that celery is safe for your Russian tortoise’s consumption. However, it is better and safer to feed your Russan tortoise celery with a combination of other vegetables, and fruits.

Component Of The Celery Plant

Celery is high in oxalate level, therefore feeding your Russian tortoise celery regularly can be harmful to them. This is because the oxalate component of celery can be toxic to Russian tortoises if consumed excessively. Also, celery is very high in sodium and excessive intake of sodium in Russian tortoises or tortoises, in general, can be very harmful. 

Celery seeds also contain diuretic properties that cause excessive urine production. As a result, excessive intake of Celery can lead to a high loss of water in your Russian tortoises, therefore, leading to dehydration.

How To Feed Celery To Your Russian Tortoise?

It is important to prepare your celery at home when you intend to feed your Russian tortoise. Also, organically grown celery is the best and preferred type of celery to feed your Russian tortoise. It is advisable to purchase the celery you intend to feed your Russian tortoise with,  from an organic store rather than plucking it from your garden, or any outdoor area. 

Furthermore, plucking celery from an outdoor garden can be harmful because it might contain harmful additives that can be harmful and toxic to your Russian tortoise. 

According to Sarah Psaradelis, a passionate pet owner advises that before you feed your Russian Tortoise celery, you must;

  • Properly wash under warm water before feeding it to your Russian tortoise.
  • Boil celery under hot water to help soften the hard parts for easier chewing. You do not have to boil the soft parts like the leaves. 
  • After boiling use a metal spoon or any metal utensil to squish the celery until it is a soft and sticky consistency. However, do not overdo it. 
  • Sprinkle a bit of calcium powder, the celery can hold the powder because it is in a sticky form.
  • Do not forget to mix the celery with other vegetables and fruits before you serve your Russian tortoise.


Celery is a great food addition to your Russian tortoise’s diet. However, you have to follow the above instruction when you want to feed your Russian tortoise celery. Also, Russian tortoises also get to benefit from the fiber content that celery provides. However, if you want to be extra careful before feeding your Russian tortoise with celery, you should contact a veterinarian.

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