can russian tortoises eat cucumbers

Can Russian Tortoises Eat Cucumbers?

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When it comes to feeding Russian tortoises, there are a variety of foods to pick from. Ordinarily, these creatures are lovers of leafy green products, so they depend on vegetables and certain fruits for their nutrients. That said, can Russian tortoises eat cucumbers?

In this article, we will look at the possible health benefits and risks associated with feeding cucumbers to Russian tortoises. So, if you are thinking of feeding your pet tortoise this healthy vegetable, then you must keep reading.

Can Russian Tortoises Eat Cucumbers?

Yes, Russian tortoises can eat cucumbers. It is quite safe for consumption and most tortoises tend to enjoy eating them a lot, compared to other fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers have a low concentration of calories and high water content. In addition, the vegetable contains a generous amount of vitamins and minerals which can be beneficial to Russian tortoises.

Aside from the fruit, tortoises can also consume cucumber leaves and skin. The leaves provide more nutritional benefits than the cucumber itself and this makes it all the more appetizing for tortoises. And on the other hand, the skin has insoluble fiber and antioxidants that aid bowel movement and healthy skin. In essence, both cucumber parts make good alternative feeding options for tortoises that don’t like cucumber itself. But the thing is, the leaves and skin might be a bit bitter for Russian tortoises, so they may not be motivated to eat it. If that is the case for your tortoise, you don’t have to force it on your pet. For the most part, it is not even advisable to feed them.

Cucumbers are not toxic for tortoises; hence they can be added to their feeding menu. The delicious taste, crunchiness, and coolness of this vegetable could even make them addicted to it in the long run. However, they must always be cucumbers fed in moderation so they don’t get too pumped with water and fiber.

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Are Cucumbers Good For Russian Tortoises?

Normally, cucumbers don’t contain a pool of nutrients. About 96% of the vegetable is water while the remaining 4% consists of dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins, especially vitamin C. Due to this high amount of water content, cucumbers are good for hydration. 

As far as health benefits go, cucumbers are definitely helpful. Here are some health benefits attached to cucumbers for Russian tortoises:

  • They keep tortoises hydrated, especially in summer or dry seasons. 
  • They have antioxidants that fight bacteria in the body to prevent health problems like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune illnesses.
  • Cucumbers help slow down the growth of a tortoise’s beak which can strengthen its defense efforts against predators.
  • Cucumbers can be used to hide medication for tortoises that stubbornly refuse medication.

These are the health benefits Russian tortoises gain from consuming cucumbers. But if consumed in large quantities, cucumbers can overfill tortoises and prevent them from eating other nutritional meals. Feeding tortoises cucumbers once or twice a week is sufficient.

How Can You Feed Cucumbers To Russian Tortoises?

Ideally, cucumbers are not a body of healthy nutrients. But this doesn’t mean that they are not healthy treats for Russian tortoises. So, if you want to feed your pet cucumbers, here’s all you need to consider:

  • Use organically-grown cucumbers.
  • Blend the cucumber and pour it on the tortoise’s meal.
  • Slice it into small pieces for easy consumption.
  • Add additives like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, celery, and other green leaves to make the meal more nutritious. 
  • Grate the cucumber into a bowl of vegetables for dietary variety.

Your Russian tortoise will definitely enjoy this cucumber treat and if fed in moderation, you will see how fresh your tortoise will become over time.


Cucumbers are healthy fruits Russian tortoises can consume for their needed nutrients. They contain a very high amount of water, as well as a healthy fiber content for their roughages. 

However, a high intake of cucumbers can get Russian tortoises addicted and thus, hinder them from eating other healthy meals. Therefore, cucumbers must be fed not as a staple but as a healthy treat occasionally. With this guide, you can be sure to provide the best cucumber-based treats for your Russian tortoise while maintaining some manner of decency for your pet’s health.

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