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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Sugar Snap Peas

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Sugar Snap Peas; Delicious Crunchy Treats For Bearded Dragons?

Sugar snap peas, a hybrid of snow peas and garden peas, are perfect treats for your beardies, but preferably once a month because they have a high phosphorus level. 

This article discusses the health benefits and concerns of feeding sugar snap peas to your bearded dragon.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Snap Peas?

Bearded dragons can eat sugar snap peas but not as a main meal. 

Benefits of Feeding Sugar Snap Peas To Your Bearded Dragon

Fiber: Sugar snap peas have a high amount of dietary fiber which helps digestion.

Low Fat: The vegetables contain low fat and are the perfect low-calorie snack for  your bearded dragon.

Vitamins C, A and K: Vitamin C is essential for your beardies. It helps to improve  its immune system. Vitamin A helps to improve and maintain your bearded dragon’s vision. Vitamin K helps develop strong and healthy teeth.

High Water Content: Proper hydration is important to your bearded dragon, but in moderation. The main meal should be a steady source of hydration rather than as a treat.

Nutritional Value

Although they are a cross between the snow pea and the garden pea, sugar snap peas have many nutrients your pets will enjoy.

NutritionValue (%)
Water Content 88.89
Protein 2.8
Dietary Fibre2.6
Calcium0.043  (43 mg)
Potassium0.2    (200 mg)
Phosphorous0.053    (53 mg)
Vitamin A54  (ug/100g)
Vitamin C60  (ug/100g)

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Risks of Feeding Sugar Snap Peas To Your Bearded Dragon

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Metabolic Bone Disease

Metabolic bone disease is the major side effect of sugar snap peas. Over time, the calcium-phosphorus ratio can lead to weak bone structure.

The calcium to phosphorus ratio results in less calcium than phosphorus. If you regularly feed your bearded dragons these peas, it may have long term negative health effects.

Preparing Sugar Snap Peas For Bearded Dragons

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You may serve it cooked and use it in a salad. Some bearded dragons enjoy biting on the whole pod inside and others only eat the peas. If you feed it raw sugar snap peas, your beardies will love it for the crunchy texture and nutritional benefits.

You can feed canned sugar snap peas to your pet but only ones that do not contain any added preservatives such as sugar.

To gauge your bearded dragons’ preference,  feed it small amounts. 

Can Juvenile or Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Sugar Snap Peas?

Baby beardies can eat snap peas. Cut the peas into small, chewable bits so that your baby bearded dragon does not choke on them.

You can also soften them by cooking, which is the best way to prevent choking. The cooked sugar snap pea will not get stuck in your baby bearded dragon’s throat.

Make sure that your baby beardies are eating insects more than other foods. Do not let them snack too much on fruits. Live insects are the best food choice for baby beardies.

Final thoughts

Do not feed this snack with regular meals. Raw or cooked, cut them to size and feed them only in small amounts. They may not be as nutritious as apples, but they keep your beardie healthy.

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