What Animals Eat Scorpions?

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Scorpions are fearsome arachnids known for their dangerous sting and for being effective hunters.  

Because of these traits, some might forget that scorpions are still a part of the food chain.  Some animals turn scorpions into their tasty meals. 

So, if you want to know what these predators could be, this guide will explore just that. 

What Animals Eat Scorpions?

Some of the most common organisms that eat scorpions are mammals, birds, and arthropods. This list can get quite long, so let’s look at some scorpion predators.

Mammals Eating Scorpions


The mongoose isn’t afraid of poisonous prey. Mongooses attack and eat several different kinds of toxic creatures that many other mammals wouldn’t dare approach. One of these is the scorpion.

The mongoose is highly resistant to scorpion venom. They can take quite a few stings before they feel like they need to give up on the hunt. Mongooses are also very quick and smart, so they watch the scorpion’s movements while dodging the oncoming attacks. 

Once they’ve felt the scorpion’s attack, they strike and kill in seconds, making mongooses a deadly predator to scorpions.


Meerkats might have a reputation for being small, adorable creatures, but they attack scorpions with ease. They are very smart animals that have even developed a hunting method that they pass from generation to generation.

When hunting for scorpions, the meerkat monitors the movements of the arachnid. They’ll then wait patiently until they have the opportunity to strike the scorpion’s tail so that it won’t be able to attack with its venom. 

In addition to their intelligent hunting strategy, the meerkat also has a high resistance to scorpion venom and can tolerate the scorpion’s attacks.

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Grasshopper Mice

Southern grasshopper mice are fascinating predators due to their unique defense system that has helped them adapt to the scorpion’s sting.

The body of this tiny mouse contains a protein that interacts with the venom and prevents the pain signals from ever reaching the brain. 

This allows them to continue fighting the scorpion while being stung. In addition to the pain-blocking mechanism, scientists also believe that the venom and this protein combine to help them combat other forms of pain. 

Without the sensation of pain, the scorpion stands little chance against this predator.


Another mammal that can win in a fight against a scorpion is the shrew. These animals are fast and vicious. 

When battling a scorpion, the shrew uses its lightning-fast reflexes to dodge the oncoming attacks from the scorpion’s tail.

Once it finds its window of opportunity, the shrew uses its sharp teeth to attack the scorpion. 

The scorpion may be able to hold its own for a bit, but the shrew will inevitably win due to its speed and ferocity.

What Birds Eat Scorpions?


Even though owls are not immune to scorpion venom like other animals, they are powerful predators that hunt quickly, silently, and accurately during the night.

The owl’s powerful beak makes quick work of the arachnid. Because owls are so accurate and swift when they strike, they can grab a scorpion without fighting it. Most scorpions simply can’t put up a fight against the hunting skills of the owl.

Southern Ground Hornbill

Southern Ground Hornbills are the heaviest and largest hornbill species, making them worthy adversaries. This bird will use its large beak to attack the scorpion and weaken it. Once the scorpion has stopped fighting and can no longer attack, the hornbill swallows the scorpion with ease.

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Reptiles And Amphibians That Eat Scorpions

Western Banded Geckos

The Western Banded Geckos are medium-sized, terrestrial lizards usually with sand-colored skin, and broken crossband patterns are drawn all over their back.

Western banded geckos are solitary and nocturnal hunters that eat spiders and small insects when it comes to food. Baby scorpions are also an essential part of their diet, so they’re crucial in controlling the scorpion population.

Cane Toads

Cane toads have dry and warty skin and are sexually dimorphic in size, with the females being much larger than the males. Their skin color ranges from grey to yellowish to red to olive-brown, with creamy underparts blotched with brown and black.

Cane toads are omnivorous and can feed on a large range of invertebrates, small rodents, reptiles, other amphibians, even small bats, and plant materials.

These toads have toxic skin and several bufotoxin-releasing glands, which they use to defend against their predators. It is these toxins with which they infect scorpions before feeding on them.

What Other Animals Eat Scorpions?


Bats are immune to scorpion venom and have an excellent ability to hear scorpions move around. 

Furthermore, their vision is so good that they can see scorpions on the floor of their dark locations. Bats’ immunity to scorpion venom and good vision make them effective attackers. 

Some bats’ diets consist mainly of scorpions.

The Amazonian Giant Centipede

The Amazonian Giant Centipede is found in the Caribbean and South America. It can grow to more than one foot long and is very aggressive.

Together with its deadly venom, these attributes make this centipede a worthy opponent of most animals. It feeds on scorpions and several insects. 

With their ability to attack snakes and their long body and hard shell, scorpions are no match for the Amazonian Giant Centipede.

Do Humans Eat Scorpions?

Humans are a danger to any animal species globally, so we can not omit their presence from this list.

We destroy their natural environment for reasons related to urban infrastructure and eradicate them when they invade our living spaces.

Also, scorpions are consumed as food. Chinese markets sell them as snacks. They come in a very unusual way in the form of skewers.


Scorpions are dreaded and known for their deadly sting and practical hunting skills.  This might make you think that something as difficult to kill as a scorpion is hard to eat, but several animals and insects can hold their own and prey on scorpions.

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