can bunny eat cardboard

Can Bunny Eat Cardboard?

Written by: Gemmali Dizor

Rabbit owners often look for ways to entertain and provide enrichment for their furry friends. One common question asked is whether bunnies can safely eat cardboard. In this article, we’ll investigate the digestive system of rabbits, the composition of cardboard, potential benefits and hazards associated with its consumption, as well as alternative options for rabbit enrichment.

Rabbit Digestive System

Rabbits possess an efficient digestive system.

Understanding a rabbit’s digestive system is crucial when considering their dietary needs and restrictions.

Unique Aspects of Rabbit Digestion

Rabbits are hindgut fermenters, meaning they possess a special part of their digestive system called the cecum. This part breaks down fibrous plant materials like hay through fermentation, providing essential nutrients from what they eat.

Fiber Content of Rabbit Diets

Fiber plays a significant role in rabbit diets.

A high-fiber diet is essential for rabbits’ health. Not only does it keep their gastrointestinal system functioning optimally, but also helps prevent dental issues by wearing down their constantly growing teeth. Hay is the main source of fiber for rabbits – making up 70-80% of their diet.

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Cardboard as a Rabbit Diet Component

Before we can determine if cardboard is safe for rabbits to consume, we must first understand its composition and potential detrimental effects on a rabbit’s health.

Composition of Cardboard

Cardboard is made from the cellulose fibers extracted from wood pulp. This material primarily consists of cellulose, a plant-based fiber found in hay.

Cardboard Safety for Consumer Consumption

Cardboard consumption should always be done with caution to ensure its safety for both you and the environment.

Generally, small amounts of untreated cardboard are safe for rabbits to chew on and consume. Cardboard is non-toxic, and its fibrous content can help wear down a rabbit’s teeth.

The Benefits of Cardboard Chewing

Chewing on cardboard can provide mental stimulation and alleviate boredom for rabbits. It also serves as a safe outlet for their natural chewing instincts, which could prevent them from chewing on inappropriate items like furniture or electrical cords.

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Potential Hazards of Consuming Cardboard

Cardboard consumption can present some risks that should be taken into consideration when making food and food items.

Though small amounts of plain cardboard may be safe for rabbits, owners should be aware of potential hazards that could present.

Ink and Chemicals on Cardboard

Some cardboard materials contain inks, dyes and adhesives which can be hazardous if ingested by rabbits. It is therefore essential to provide your rabbit only plain untreated cardboard without any printing or embellishments in order to minimize the risk of exposure to hazardous substances.

Choking Hazards

If your rabbit chews off a large piece of cardboard, there is the potential risk for chokering or obstruction in their digestive tract. To reduce this risk, always supervise them when playing with cardboard and remove any large, detached pieces.

Overconsumption of Cardboard

While some cardboard consumption is generally safe for rabbits, excessive amounts can lead to digestive issues. Too much cardboard may replace essential hay and other dietary components, leading to an unbalanced diet and potential health risks.

Alternatives to Cardboard for Rabbit Enrichment

What are some alternatives to cardboard when providing enrichment to your rabbit?

If you’re concerned about the potential hazards of cardboard consumption or would like to provide your rabbit with additional enrichment options, here are some other viable options:

Rabbit-Safe Chew Toys

Are you searching for rabbit-safe chew toys? Look no further – here!

Pet stores offer a selection of rabbit-safe chew toys made from materials like wood, sisal or willow. These toys provide the same benefits as cardboard while posing fewer risks.

Hay-Based Treats and Toys

Hay is a great ingredient for creating treats and toys — especially ones with added nutrients!

Hay-based treats and toys, such as hay balls or woven hay mats, are an excellent way to give your rabbit extra sources of fiber while stimulating their natural chewing instincts.

DIY Rabbit Enrichment Ideas

If you’re feeling creative, why not craft some homemade toys and enrichment activities for your rabbit? Use materials such as paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, or untreated wood blocks to create engaging and stimulating items for them.


In conclusion, rabbits can safely chew on and consume small amounts of untreated cardboard. Cardboard provides mental stimulation as well as helps keep their teeth in good condition. Nonetheless, it’s essential to be wary of potential hazards like choking or exposure to hazardous chemicals; thus, always supervise your rabbit when interacting with cardboard. Providing alternative enrichment options like rabbit-safe chew toys or hay-based treats are a great way to ensure their wellbeing and happiness.


Is it safe for my rabbit to chew on cardboard?

Yes, rabbits can safely chew on small amounts of plain, untreated cardboard. However, always supervise them to reduce the risk of choking or overconsumption.

Can rabbits eat printed or colored cardboard?

It is best to avoid giving your rabbit printed or colored cardboard, as the inks and dyes can be detrimental to their health.

How much cardboard should my rabbit consume safely?

Though there is no definitive amount, it’s essential to ensure cardboard consumption does not replace hay and other essential dietary components. Always monitor your rabbit’s health and consult a veterinarian if you have any doubts.

What are some alternatives to cardboard for rabbit enrichment?

Rabbit-safe chew toys, hay-based treats and toys, as well as DIY enrichment ideas made with paper towel rolls or untreated wood blocks are all excellent alternatives to cardboard.

Can cardboard consumption lead to any health issues in rabbits?

Excessive cardboard consumption can lead to an unbalanced diet and potential health issues for your rabbit. Always monitor their condition carefully, and consult a veterinarian if you notice any changes or concerns.

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