how much water do guinea pigs drink

How Much Water Do Guinea Pigs Drink

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Wondering how much water you want to feed your piggy after a balanced meal or before their meal or whenever during the day, we’ve got you! Most beginning guinea pig caretakers are very curious as to the amount of water guinea pigs can consume and how much they should be fed. But not to worry, all your questions will be answered. Keep reading!

How Much Water Do Guinea Pigs Drink?

The amount of water a guinea pig can drink is dependent on its diet and the temperature or weather. According to Saurav, an established pets book publisher, most guinea pigs consume 20% of their body weight in water consumption. However, there are situations where they do not consume a lot of water. This situation may be that the food they consumed that day had high water content or a health issue. 

Water is an essential part of a guinea pig’s diet, therefore, it is essential to provide guinea pigs with clean and fresh water at room temperature.

How Much Water Should A Guinea Pig Consume Daily?

There are various factors that determine the water consumption of guinea pigs. However, both extremes can be found from one piggy to the other. These factors include – their diet, weather conditions, and indoor heating or cooling.

Just like humans, during summer or periods of extreme heat, we lose moisture and the same occurs with guinea pigs as well. As a result, guinea pigs consume more water than they do in cold weather. 

According to guinea pig 101, if your piggy consumes 60-70ml or 300ml a day, it is totally fine. But once you notice a significant difference in your piggy’s water consumption, it is better you identify the cause and fix it. 

How Should I Provide My Guinea Pig With Water?

Providing your guinea pig with water in a way that is comfortable for them is a must. However, to figure out the perfect spot for them, trial and error are important. Therefore, be ready to make mistakes and learn as you go. 

However, whatever way you stick with must be based on the preference of your guinea pig.

Bowls Or Bottles, Which Is Better For Guinea Pigs?

There are various types of bottles that were made for providing guinea pigs with water. From plastic to glass, and sippy bottles all these bottles are great. Hygiene is the most important. 

Bowls should be mostly used to serve younger guinea pigs because they are yet to master the art of drinking water from bottles. However, if you want to provide water to your guinea pig using a bowl, make sure it’s a ceramic bowl to prevent them from toppling over.  Clean water and a clean bowl are hard to maintain, therefore, it is important to constantly change the water in the bowl between 3-5 a day. 

Younger guinea pugs learn to use bottles as they watch their older ones use bottles.

Is Cold Water Good For Guinea Pigs?

On a usual day, room temperature water is better to give your guinea pig. However, during summer when the temperature is on the hotter side, it is okay to serve your guinea pigs with somewhat of cold water. But it is important to avoid warm water or hot water altogether because they would not drink it at all. 

Aerated water, alcohol, and anything similar are dangerous for guinea pigs. 

Can Supplements Be Added To Your Guinea Pig’s Water?

There are various medicines and vitamin supplements that can be added to your guinea pig’s water. However, it is important for you to avoid adding vitamins additive to their water, as they would avoid drinking the water. 

Therefore, in the process of them avoiding water with additives, they can get dehydrated, and being dehydrated can be very dangerous to their health. Also another downside to adding additives to your guinea pig’s water, the water becomes a home for algae, which is very dangerous to the health of guinea pigs. 

Final Thought

The water consumption of your guinea pig is very dependent on their diet, the temperature, and their living area temperature. All these factors contribute to their water consumption. However, being a watchful pig parent is essential in case of any changes.

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