do deer eat primrose

Do Deer Eat Primrose?

Written by: Gemmali Dizor

Deer are known for their diverse diet and ability to eat a variety of plants, but do they eat primrose? The answer is yes, deer will eat primrose. Primrose is a popular flowering plant that is often grown in gardens and landscapes. It is a favored food source for many herbivores, including deer, which can cause damage to the plants if not properly managed.

Why Do Deer Eat Primrose?

Deer are omnivores and will eat a variety of plants, flowers, and shrubs. They are especially drawn to primrose due to its soft and juicy leaves and colorful flowers. During the spring and summer months when food is scarce, deer will often venture into gardens and landscapes to feed on the available vegetation. Primrose is a common choice for deer as it is easy to access and provides a high-energy source of food.

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How to Protect Primrose from Deer

If you are a gardener or landscape designer, it is important to know how to protect primrose from deer damage. There are several effective strategies that can be used to keep deer away from your plants, including:

Fencing: Installing a fence around your garden or landscape can be an effective way to keep deer out. Make sure the fence is at least 7 feet tall and has a tight mesh to prevent deer from jumping over it.

Repellents: There are several commercial deer repellents available that can be applied to the foliage of primrose plants to deter deer. These repellents use a combination of scent, taste, and texture to discourage deer from feeding on the plants.

Companion Planting: Planting primrose near other plants that deer do not like can also be effective in deterring them. For example, planting primrose near plants that have a strong odor or unpleasant taste, such as alliums or herbs, can help keep deer away.

Netting: Covering primrose plants with netting can also be an effective way to protect them from deer damage. Make sure the netting is tightly woven and is anchored to the ground to prevent deer from getting through.

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Can Primrose Grow Back After Deer Damage?

Yes, primrose plants can grow back after deer damage. However, the extent of the damage will depend on the severity of the browsing and the age of the plants. If the plants are young and have been heavily browsed, they may struggle to grow back. However, if the plants are mature and have only been lightly browsed, they should recover quickly.

To help primrose plants recover from deer damage, make sure to remove any damaged foliage and prune back any damaged stems. This will encourage new growth and prevent the disease from setting in. You should also water the plants regularly and apply a balanced fertilizer to support healthy growth.


In conclusion, deer do eat primrose, which can be a problem for gardeners and landscape designers who want to protect their plants. However, there are several effective strategies that can be used to keep deer away from primrose, including fencing, repellents, companion planting, and netting. If you are dealing with deer damage to your primrose plants, it is important to be patient and give the plants time to recover. With proper care and attention, primrose plants should be able to grow back and thrive.

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