do deer eat burning bush

Do Deer Eat Burning Bush?

Written by: Gemmali Dizor

Deer and burning bush are two fascinating and interrelated topics that have captured the attention of gardeners and nature enthusiasts alike. On one hand, deer are majestic and graceful creatures that roam the forests and fields in search of food. On the other hand, the burning bush plant is a beautiful and hardy shrub that adds color and texture to gardens and landscapes. But when these two come together, it can lead to some interesting and sometimes frustrating experiences for gardeners.

Deer are known to consume a variety of vegetation, including the leaves, stems, and even the bark of the burning bush plant. This can be a problem for gardeners who have worked hard to cultivate their burning bushes, only to have them destroyed by hungry deer. But despite this potential issue, many people continue to plant burning bushes in their yards, as they are highly valued for their stunning fall foliage, which turns a brilliant red and provides a spectacular display of color.

So whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting out, if you are considering planting a burning bush, it’s important to understand the relationship between deer and these beautiful plants. In this article, we will explore the topic of deer and burning bush in greater detail, including what deer eat, why they might be attracted to the burning bush, and how you can protect your plants from deer damage.

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What is the Burning Bush Plant?

The burning bush plant (Euonymus alatus) is a deciduous shrub that is commonly grown in gardens and landscapes. It is native to Asia and has been introduced to many parts of the world, including North America, Europe, and Australia. The plant is prized for its bright red fall foliage, which gives it its common name “burning bush.”

What do Deer Eat?

Deer are herbivores, meaning they feed on plants. In general, deer are not picky eaters and will consume a variety of vegetation including leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits. Some of the plants that are commonly eaten by deer include grasses, clovers, alfalfa, apples, pears, and various shrubs and trees.

Do Deer Eat Burning Bush Plants?

Yes, deer have been known to consume burning bush plants. The leaves, stems, and sometimes even the bark of the burning bush are all palatable to deer. This is especially true in areas where other food sources are limited. When food is scarce, deer will often turn to eating shrubs and trees, including the burning bush, in order to meet their nutritional needs.

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How to Protect Burning Bush from Deer?

If you are concerned about deer eating your burning bush plants, there are several steps you can take to protect them. One option is to install physical barriers such as fences or netting around the plants. Another option is to use deer repellents, which can be applied to the foliage of the plants. There are also many natural deer repellents that you can make at home using ingredients such as eggs, garlic, or soap.


In conclusion, deer do eat burning bush plants and can cause significant damage to them, especially when food is scarce. If you are concerned about protecting your burning bushes from deer, there are several steps you can take to minimize damage, including installing physical barriers and using deer repellents. With proper protection, your burning bushes can continue to thrive and provide beautiful fall foliage for years to come.

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