can hamsters eat goldfish

Can Hamsters Eat Goldfish?

Written by: Josiah Shobayo

Are you a hamster owner and you are probably looking to buy a goldfish too? But you are wondering whether or not hamsters could eat goldfish. Then, you have come to the right place! Keeping reading to find out all you need to know.

Can Hamsters Eat Goldfish?

The answer is yes and no because goldfish are domesticated animals as well. However, hamsters are omnivores. Therefore, if you have both animals as pets, we advise that you put a lid over your fish tank to prevent any form of accident.  

Fishes are known to jump and that can result in them jumping out of their tanks. Hamsters are omnivorous animals, and therefore, goldfish are not out of their eating range.

Can Hamsters Eat Fish?

As earlier said, hamsters are omnivores, and fish are a great source of protein, vitamin D, Iodine, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acid. Also, all these nutrients are amazing for your hamster’s immune system, bone, brain, and energy level. 

However, excess consumption of fish is not advised because of the high level of calcium. Too much calcium is dangerous for hamsters, therefore, only a small amount should be consumed. Also, hamsters enjoy eating fish because of the amino acid content, which usually isn’t found in plant-based products.

Types of Fish That Your Hamster Can Eat?

Hamsters love fish because they provide them with amazing nutrients as mentioned above. However, some fish provide nutrient for your hamster than others. Cod, Salmon, and Sardines are great options for hamsters. 

These fishes provide the needed nutrients to your hamster, however, they should not be given to your hamster in excess. Water-packed tinned fishes are also great nutrients source for hamsters. However, salted fishes and fish that has been in oil can be dangerous for the health of your hamster. 

Serving your hamster salted fish and fish in oil can cause hypertension, obesity, and heart disease. Also, it is important to remove the bones from the fish before serving it to your hamster. And do not forget to serve in small portions.

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Do Hamsters Like Fish?

Hamsters are animals that appreciate food with taste and texture. Fishes are a good option if you are willing to achieve that for your hamster. However, hamsters enjoy the taste of fish, therefore, fish is a good option for hamsters. 

Although some hamsters can be very picky with what they eat, they will need a little encouragement for them to take their first bite. According to Julie Hamilton, here are a few things you can do to get them to eat fish for the first time.

  • Offer the fish to your hamster by hand if your pet trusts you. In a situation where your hamster trusts you and takes food directly from your hand, making your hamster take the fish from your hand for the first time will further strengthen the bond.
  • Make sure to offer your hamster fresh-flavored fish. As a hamster owner, avoid feeding your hamster pre-packed fish or even canned fish. They contain preservatives that could be dangerous to the health of your hamster.
  • allow your hamster to scan its food. You can do that by placing the food on a safe surface for it to properly inspect. 

It is important to remove all uneaten fish from your hamster’s cage to prevent it from keeping in its pouch.

How Much Fish Can A Hamster Eat?

Since there are different breeds of hamsters and they vary in size and shape, therefore, the amount of fish they can consume varies as well. As a result, it is important to follow the guidelines below when wanting to feed your hamster fish– for Robo Hamster, giving them one teaspoon of fish every other week is the best, for Syrian hamsters, giving them one teaspoon of fish every week is fine, and for Dwarf hamster, one teaspoon of fish monthly is fine.

Following this routine will effectively keep your hamster out of danger. That means exceeding this limit can put your hamster at risk of nutritional imbalance.


Goldfish is not an advised meal to feed your hamster. This means that as a hamster parent feeding your pet goldfish is not advised. However, in the case where your hamster eats your goldfish, there is no imminent harm for your hamster.

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