can guinea pigs eat oregano

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oregano?

As responsible pet owners, we want to ensure that our pets never go hungry, and that they eat nutritious and healthy food. Here are a few things to consider when asking the question: “Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oregano?”

As Herbivores, Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oregano?

Being the herbivores they are, Guinea Pigs can physically digest and eat oregano and other herbs. Oregano is also packed with vitamins and minerals that aid in your little furry one’s health and wellness. However, due to the high calcium levels compared to other herbs and plants. Oregano should only be given in small, bite-sized portions once a month at most. Too much Calcium is also harmful to your fur baby. Oregano can also be mixed in with other foods to complement.

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Nutritional Value of Oregano for Guinea Pigs

For every teaspoon of dried oregano, your little Guinea Pig receives the following nutrients:

Protein0.2 g
Fat0.18 g
Carbohydrates1.16 g
Energy5.51 Kcal
Sugars0.07 g
Fiber0.77 g
Calcium28.37 mg
Iron0.79 mg

Benefits of Eating Oregano for Guinea Pigs

When eaten in small amounts, oregano can be healthy and beneficial for your fur baby. Aside from the abundance of  fiber associated with plants and herbs, Oregano also has vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system of your Guinea Pig. This herb also aids in digestion and fighting off free radicals, which cause cancer. Oregano also has great anti-bacterial properties and helps with inflammation.

The Downside to Guinea Pigs Eating Oregano

With the high levels of Calcium found in Oregano, Guinea Pigs may end up with calcium stones and bladder stones. This may lead to long term complications for your fur babies, especially when these stones are not immediately addressed or removed. So, when feeding oregano to your Guinea Pigs, make sure to do so in small amounts and on rare occasions.

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Herbs that you can feed your Guinea Pig 

Herbs help not just to keep your fur babies full, but happy and alive as well. With the variety of herbs available, you can switch up your Guinea Pigs’ diet to keep them from being bored with their food, which ultimately leads to depression in your fur baby. Herbs are also an excellent source of Vitamins and Minerals, especially Vitamins A, C, and K.

Below are some herbs that you can feed your Guinea Pig aside from Oregano:

  1. ARUGULA – This leafy green herb is a good addition to your fur babies’ diet, and they enjoy its peppery flavor. Just like Oregano, this is also high in Calcium, so it should also be given sparingly.
  2. BASIL – Another occasional treat you can provide your Guinea Pig, Basil is also high in Calcium. Though this is safe and edible for your fur baby, it should not be a daily part of its diet.
  3. THYME – As an excellent source of Vitamin C, Thyme helps your Guinea Pig maintain a healthy body. Although your little furry ones may love the taste of Thyme, this should still be given in small amounts.
  4. PARSLEY – Another excellent source of Vitamin C and other minerals, Parsley is another herb that your Guinea Pigs love to munch on. Much like its other counterparts, however, it is also high in Calcium, and should be fed sparingly.
  5. CILANTRO – Due to its strong and pungent smell, Cilantro may not be on the top of your fur babies’ favorite foods list. Just like Oregano and others on this list, however, this is safe to give in small amounts due to high calcium content.

In Summary : Guinea Pigs Can Eat Oregano in small amounts

If you are looking to keep your herbivorous little furry one healthy, then Guinea Pigs can eat Oregano (and many other herbs)in small doses. Although these are safe for your furry one to eat, too may lead to calcium and bladder stones, which are harmful to your pet.

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