can ferrets eat raw egg

Can Ferrets Eat Raw Egg?

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A ferret’s diet should comprise thirty-two to thirty-eight percent protein and fifteen to twenty percent fat. Including raw eggs as an occasional treat in your ferret’s diet helps achieve this goal.

But many pet owners ask, “can ferrets eat raw egg?”

This article answers the question. It also discusses some important things you should know about this food before offering it to your pet.

Can Ferrets Eat Raw Egg?

Yes, you can feed your ferrets raw eggs, but only as a supplement for the main sources of protein.  

Although in the wild, they hunt numerous natural prey like possums, rabbits, and rodents, reports claim that they occasionally eat bird’s eggs.

Also, since eggs are a great source of digestible protein, you can feed your pet some raw eggs.

Are Raw Eggs Okay for Ferrets?

Feeding raw eggs to ferrets is a controversial topic. Some people recommend serving cooked eggs because of the potentially harmful bacteria. Other sources say that raw eggs and foods are acceptable because they retain all the nutrients exposed to heat while cooking. 

It is left to you to determine if your pet prefers raw eggs. Close supervision during and after eating raw eggs will assist you to make the right decision.

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Health Benefits of Eggs to Ferrets

Eggs are a good source of calcium, protein, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and Vitamins B12, E, D, B6, and A.

For both humans and animals, eggs serve as a complete and abundant source of animal protein necessary in any diet. Fat in eggs makes it the perfect snack for your furry friend providing the required fat in their diet.

Each egg you feed your ferret has about six grams of protein. In addition, eggs contain Vitamin D, which can help your ferret absorb the calcium in the egg shells. This nutrient is not often found in other food sources, making eggs the ideal snack. Vitamin D deficiency in ferrets lessens bone density. Feeding it eggs cures this potential problem.

Also, eggs can help with the coat and skin health of ferrets and lessens the risk of hairballs during shedding season.

Are There Risks Involved In Feeding Eggs to Ferrets?

For humans or animals, too much of anything is not good. Although eggs provide health benefits to ferrets, they should be treated as supplements and not a staple food. 

Too much egg can cause constipation, leading to other serious health issues if care isn’t taken. So, use common sense and degree of proportion.

Also, there is a risk of Biotin deficiency, leading to disorders affecting your ferrets’ nails, hair, and skin. This problem is caused by feeding more egg whites to ferrets than the yolk part. You must mix the eggs well, especially if you share the eggs among ferrets or give just half, so they have similar content.

How Often Should Ferrets Eat Eggs?

One to two eggs per week is ideal.

Also, it is best to slowly introduce your ferret to an egg if it has never eaten one. For starters,  start with half an egg per week and watch their reaction for signs of complications. If there is none, you can offer more. You can increase their egg intake to two to three eggs per week during shedding season. This is because raw eggs prevent bezoar – gastrointestinal obstruction in ferrets during shedding season.

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Can Baby Ferrets Eat Eggs?

There are concerns about whether it is appropriate to feed baby ferrets eggs. Ferrets under three to four weeks should only ingest their mother’s milk. 

Only give your ferret eggs when they are big enough and can digest and absorb solid foods.

Which Eggs Should Ferrets Eat?

Ferrets can eat chicken, quail, duck, and goose eggs. Knowing the right amount to feed your pet is essential so that it doesn’t suffer from overfeeding.

Note that one raw chicken egg equals five quail eggs and ½ to ¾ of a duck egg. Also, introduce these eggs slowly into their diet to avoid disrupting their digestive system.

Which is the Best Way to Serve Eggs to Ferrets?

Ferrets like their eggs raw, boiled or scrambled. You’ll need to find your pet’s preference by monitoring its consumption.

For raw eggs, you can either break them into a separate bowl and mix well before pouring them into your ferret’s feeding bowl or crack it directly into its feeding bowl. You can also remove the yolk so that your ferret only takes in the protein, not the fat. 

If you want to serve it boiled, cook the egg for about five to ten minutes, remove the shell, and slice it into its feeding bowl.

To serve it scrambled, whisk the egg in a bowl, pour it into a pan and cook for a few minutes with little oil. Let it cool before serving. It can eat these from your hands to bond or put them on its feeding plate.

Can You Serve Egg Shells to Ferrets?

Yes, you can. A safe way to prevent your ferret choking or ingestion is by grinding it into powder form. You can mix it with raw eggs and give it to your ferret. 

The egg shells are rich in calcium. This will help your ferrets grow stronger bones, but you want to do it in moderation. Feeding too much egg shell can lead to impaction in your pet.

Final Thoughts

In designing a diet plan for your ferret, you can add raw eggs. To avoid any injury, it would be best to grind the egg shells and mix them with the eggs before feeding them to your pet. 

If your pet is growing and you fear it might become obese, you can only serve the egg white and powdered shells. Removing the yolk ensures that your ferret takes in the protein without getting fat.

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