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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Jalapenos?

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Jalapenos For Bearded Dragons, Is This Spicy Good?

Bearded dragons can eat jalapenos. Jalapenos are chili peppers and a part of the capsicum family of vegetables and fruits. 

Other hot peppers in this category include bell and cayenne pepper. Jalapeno boosts your bearded dragon’s immune system and digestion. Jalapeno is spicy and not something you should regularly give your pet in large quantities. 

Bell peppers are a much better pepper choice to feed them more often.

This article will discuss the risks and benefits of feeding jalapeno to your pet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Jalapenos?

Yes, but only occasionally and not in large quantities. Jalapeno contains capsaicin, enabling nerve endings on the tongue which stimulates taste. 

It will give your bearded dragons a fiery feeling if they eat too much of it. 

Also, alkaloids in jalapenos affect certain functions like blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and digestion. 

Feeding bearded dragons jalapenos in large quantities will irritate them.

Use them in moderation as appetizers before a juicy meal or as a snack when you want your beardie to be energized. 

Is Jalapenos A Beneficial Snack To Bearded Dragons At All?

Yes, it is. Jalapenos have certain benefits for bearded dragons. 

It is a source of vitamin E and Vitamin C. As an antioxidant, vitamin C  stimulates the immune system to keep your bearded dragon healthy.

Jalapenos are also a source of energy for bearded dragons. They give bearded dragons a burst of energy whenever they eat them. 

Bearded dragons enjoy jalapenos as an occasional treat. But be careful.  Treating your bearded dragon to jalapenos frequently is not healthy.

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Risks of Feeding Jalapenos To Bearded Dragons

Feeding jalapenos has risks, especially if your bearded dragons cannot handle spicy foods. The risks include severe digestive issues, which cause stomach burns.

A healthy dose should be no more than a few small pieces.

Feedings of Jalapenos To Adult Bearded Dragons

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Bearded dragons usually become picky with food as they grow older. Do not make this pepper a staple food for your pet. 

The nutritional value does not compare to other vegetables like collard greens, beet greens, and other safe greens that provide the required vitamins and minerals your pet needs. 

Jalapenos have no calcium and protein as live insects do. So feed it occasionally in very small pieces.

How Often To Feed Jalapeno Peppers

If your bearded dragons enjoy the jalapeno, they should not eat them daily.  It would be dangerous. 

Jalapeno or any other snack should never replace vegetables and other smaller prey animals that comprise a bearded dragon’s diet.

Feed your dragon small pieces and pace the feeding time.  Your pet’s affinity for the pepper should determine the amount it eats. You can feed jalapeno peppers minus leaves about once a month. 

Anything more will cause your bearded dragon to have digestive upset and runny poop.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Peppers?

Do not give jalapeno peppers to baby bearded dragons. They need regular live food that provides calcium for strong bones and protein for growth. 

Do not add peppers to their diet. Add veggies but they should be no more than 30% of their diet. 

The other 70% of what they should eat must include insects like dubia roaches, crickets, and worms.

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Preparation of Jalapenos For Your Bearded Dragon

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Before presenting jalapenos to your bearded dragon, ensure that you remove seeds and leaves which reduces the heat for your pet. The peppery nature of jalapenos is mainly embedded in the seeds and ribs of the pepper leaves.

Boil the jalapeno (whether ripe or unripe) before offering it to your bearded dragon. This will make it soft for eating.

Jalapenos vs. Bell Peppers and Others

Jalapenos are mild peppers that contain less capsaicin which is why you can feed it to you pet.

Eating too much spice results in stomach upset, and some bearded dragons even experience allergies to it. So, stick to jalapenos only if your bearded dragon can handle small pieces.

Final thoughts

Jalapeno is not a bad idea, but it would be if you fed them regularly in place of nutritious vegetables. They work best as snacks for bursts of energy or appetizers to keep your beardie up for a healthier and filling meal.

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