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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes

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Owners often ask this question because grapes are an incredibly convenient and affordable food. The good news is that they can. 

Is it safe for bearded dragons to eat grapes? This reptile can eat various kinds of fruit. In fact, according to many certified veterinary professionals, they love eating fruits more than vegetables. No matter if the grapes have skin or not, the bearded dragons can eat them. However, make sure that they don’t eat the grape seeds. So, remove any grape seeds feeding them this treat.

Bearded dragons enjoy washed and finely sliced grapes. But how many grapes should you give them? And are they nutritious? 

How are Grapes Beneficial for Bearded Dragons?

Grapes come with a plethora of beneficial qualities for bearded dragons.

  • Helps with Cognitive Function

Green or red grapes feed the brain which enables a sharper response time.

  • Offers Powerful Antioxidants

Helps in fighting free radicals in the body.

  • Levels Blood Sugar

Can regulate the blood sugar level in the body.

  • Regulates Digestive Function

Keeps the digestive system functioning at a moderate pace.

What Nutrients Can be Found in Grapes?

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When bearded dragons eat grapes, it provides them with large quantities of essential minerals and nutrients. Here are the ones that are particularly important for bearded dragons.


*Nutritional value per 100g

Grapes have nutrients that may or may not be good for most adult bearded dragons.  Some  of these nutrients are the reason grapes have been excluded as regular food for bearded dragons.

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How Often Can You Feed Grapes to Your Bearded Dragons?

Now that you know bearded dragons can eat grapes, pay attention to how often you should feed them.

Bearded dragons can eat grapes moderately and occasionally. Serve them as a treat. For instance, you can rub them on the greens to make them palatable.

The reptile’s diet should consist mainly of insects, vegetables, and leafy greens. They love grapes but they are not a major part of a proper diet.  

How to Prepare the Grapes for Bearded Dragons?

There are only a few ways to feed bearded dragon grapes. Even if you have seedless grapes, check them for seeds before you feed them to your reptile pet. Eating seeds may cause  impaction.

You can feed grapes with skin on them as they are easy to digest.

Cut every piece of grape into 4 small pieces before being served. You can add them to vegetables to increase leafy green consumption.

Are Grape Peels, Leaves, and Seeds Good to Feed Your Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragons can eat grape skin. It is good for old and young bearded dragons. Grape seeds are difficult to digest and should not be fed to a baby dragon.

Even though you shouldn’t feed them grapes often, you can feed them grape leaves as much as you like as it can be good for their bowels. They have high nutritional value such as protein, calcium, vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin K all of which keeps the bearded dragon’s body healthy.

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Does the Kind of Grape You are Feeding Bearded Dragons Matter?

Beardies enjoy green grapes, purple grapes, and red grapes. Your bearded dragon may enjoy one grape more than the other. This is just an individual preference.

As long as you prepare these types of grapes the way we outlined, you are good to go. But don’t forget, too many grapes are not good for the bearded dragon’s diet. 

Final Thoughts

Grapes can serve as a good snack for bearded dragons since they love to eat them but they love to eat grape leaves. When you are serving them grapes, make sure you prepare it the right way. It should fit with the beardie’s diet. Also, make sure that you give them grapes in moderation and not every day. If your pet  looks sick after eating grapes, take it to a reptile vet. 

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