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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Alfalfa Sprouts?

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Alfalfa Sprouts and Bearded Dragons, What You Must Know

Bearded dragons can eat alfalfa sprouts. They love them. You can feed your bearded dragon alfalfa sprouts but only occasionally.

Things to Anticipate

Below are  insights on the proper way to feed alfalfa sprouts to your bearded dragon.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Alfalfa Sprouts?

Yes.  These immature shoots of the alfalfa plant are  nutritious. But letting bearded dragons eat them in excess or more than every day can cause metabolic bone diseases because of its high calcium to phosphorus ratio. You can feed it once every week with other food choices to keep your pet happy.

Nutritional Value

Here is a breakdown of the nutritional content of alfalfa sprouts.

Water92.8 g
Energy23 kcal
Fat0.7 g
Sugar0.2 g
Calcium32 mg
Fiber1.9 g
Phosphorus70 mg
Vitamin C8.2 mg
Vitamin A8g
Vitamin K30.5 g
Beta-carotene87 g
Ca:P ratio1:2

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Pros of Feeding Alfalfa Sprouts To Bearded Dragons

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The sprouts are rich in Vitamins C and K, Magnesium, Copper, and Iron. Below are reasons you should include alfalfa sprouts in your bearded dragons’ diet.

High Water Content

A hundred grams of alfalfa sprouts contain some 93 grams of water. Alfalfa sprouts will keep your bearded dragon hydrated. Your pet will remain hydrated after every meal by occasionally mixing alfalfa sprouts with other safe vegetables which will also help your pet maintain healthy skin. But do not overdo it. Otherwise, you could cause digestive problems for your pet. 

Fair Amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin A

Vitamin A improves the vision of your bearded dragons. Its antioxidant properties also neutralize harmful substances in your bearded dragon’s body. And vitamin C helps your bearded dragons build a strong immune system and prevents them from falling victim to disease. 

Amazing Source of Fiber

Bearded dragons digest alfalfa sprouts easily because they contain the right amount of fiber. This helps your beardie digest it well and remain healthy.

Not enough fiber in your bearded dragon’s diet can cause constipation, while too much of it can lead to diarrhea. You need to maintain balance to keep your beardies happy and healthy.

Cons of Feeding Alfalfa Sprouts To Bearded Dragons

Disproportionate Ratio of Ca:P

The perfect calcium to phosphorus ratio for bearded dragons is 1:1 or 2:1. However, the ratio of alfalfa sprouts is 1:2, which means there is less calcium than phosphorus, a less than ideal situation.  The high phosphorus content reduces the calcium level in your beardie. 

Calcium deficiency leads to metabolic bone disease. Learning how to feed your beardie this vegetable is important. 

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How To Feed Alfalfa Sprouts To Your Bearded Dragon

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Always use fresh organic alfalfa sprouts. It is best if you can get them from a local garden and directly from the alfalfa plant. Wash them thoroughly. 

It is especially important to remove chemicals or dirt. Cut them into small bits so that they are no bigger than the gap between your pet’s eyes. Finally, mix the sprouts with other vegetables or fruits to make a nutritious salad. Don’t forget that variety is the spice of life for beardies.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Alfalfa Sprouts

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Feed the sprouts once every week along with other leafy greens such as beets, swiss chard, mustard greens, and dandelion leaves, that will keep your bearded dragon hydrated and happy.  Always remove leftover foods from the bearded dragon’s enclosure.

Final Thoughts

After considering the pros and cons of this food choice, you can design what works best for your beardie.

As long as you don’t make alfalfa sprouts the basic food component and don’t feed the sprouts more than once a week, all will be fine.

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