Cute Coyote Pup Rescued by Caring Police Officer in Massachusetts

In a heartwarming incident, a Massachusetts State Police Trooper named Carlo Mastromattei showed his compassionate side by rescuing a lone coyote pup he found on a busy road. This story unfolds with Carlo responding to a call about an injured dog, only to discover the dog was actually a baby coyote!

This tiny, scared creature was spotted near Suffolk Downs, all by itself. Carlo, being the kind-hearted person he is, immediately tried to find the pup’s mom. Unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found. Knowing how dangerous the bustling highway was for such a small animal, Carlo knew he couldn’t leave the pup there.

With nightfall approaching and local wildlife rehab centers closed, Carlo faced a challenge in finding help for the pup. He reached out to Ocean View Kennels, where he secured a crate for the young coyote. But Carlo’s kindness didn’t stop there.

Worried about the pup’s well-being overnight, Carlo and his girlfriend, AnnBeth, who also loves animals, decided to take the pup home. They made sure the little coyote was warm and fed, giving it a safe haven for the night.

The next morning, they took the pup to Tufts Wildlife for a full health check. Thankfully, the coyote was in good shape, all thanks to Carlo’s timely intervention. After being checked over, the little coyote was sent to the Berkshires for rehabilitation, with the goal of eventually releasing him back into the wild.

The Massachusetts State Police highlighted this act of kindness in a post, expressing gratitude to Carlo, AnnBeth, Ocean View Kennels, and Tufts for their compassionate care of the adorable coyote pup. It’s a beautiful reminder of the difference a small act of kindness can make, not just in a person’s life, but in an animal’s life too.

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